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Infinite Love Project-Be Kind Signs

Spreading Kindness One Heart, One Sign At A Time

Have you got a pocket full of hearts?

Give a heart  -  Share a smile  -  Create a ripple of kindness! 

Most opportunities for acts of kindness are impromptu and random, and it's easy to give a heart when it happens to be in your pocket (or purse)!

Being mindful of social distancing, we have also been leaving hearts in fun places for people to find them, and displaying the Infinite Love Project & Be Kind stickers... Join us!

A Starter Set of Hearts is free (one set per email) and you support the project (keeping starter sets free) when you return to order more...

Infinite Love Hearts Store

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Be Kind Signs

The Be Kind Sign initiative places signs in neighborhoods across the United States. Signs are sponsored, purchased and displayed by community groups, teachers, business, and individuals! 

Click here to visit the Be Kind Sign store!

If you love the idea...

If you love the idea of paying it forward and sharing a positive message, yet not quite ready to act yourself, you can support the Infinite Love Project with a donation! 100% of your donation goes to materials needed to create the hearts and the signs, and keep starter sets free for first requests. (This is a direct donation via PayPal.)

Donate for a Specific Initiative

If you want to support a specific initiative or event like:

  •  a BE KIND Sign Paint Event at a local school, daycare, or Boy's & Girls Club
  •  providing BE KIND signs for schools or teachers' classrooms
  •  supplying INFINITE LOVE HEARTS to an anti-bullying campaign organizers to hand out
  •  getting BE KIND decals to hand out at your next event

you can make a tax deductible donation through Kindness Grows Here!

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It Feels Good to Give!

When You Give Hearts
Reactions You Get Include:

"Wow, thank you!"

"I needed this today!"

"I really needed this today!"

"I love this! Thank you!"

*Gasp* (followed by an immediate hug)

And there's always a smile :)
even from the few who say no thank you